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Calico Annie's Quilt Shop

Calico Annie's Quilt Shop

Fabrics by Moda ~
1/2 yard minimum cuts on all yardage

Calico Annie’s Quilt Shop carries all types of quilting prints and flannels, including:
florals, country prints, “thirties” and reproduction prints, kid and novelty prints, baby fabrics,
western prints (cowboy and cowgirl), seasonal and holiday, chickens, Americana, black & whites, etc.

We stock over 2000 bolts and encourage you to
call the shop 308-536-2925
if you have any questions or are looking for a certain fabric.

We carry only quality quilting fabrics and purchase from the following companies:

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 Leather Lace Amazing Grace by Cathe Holden
$3.50/fat quarter

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7401-11  yds: 7402-12  yds: 7402-16  yds:


7403-13     yds: 7403-14  yds: 7403-16  yds: 7403-17  yds:


7404-13     yds: 7404-14  yds: 7404-16  yds: 7404-11  yds:


7406-13     yds: 7405-12  yds: 7405-16  yds: 7405-11  yds:


7406-14     yds: 7406-17  yds: 7406-16  yds:


Fall Melody Flannel by Kansas Troubles
$13.49/yard  SALE $9.50/yard
$8.90/Panel SALE $6.15 ea
$52.99/Layer Cake  SALE $37.00 ea
$14.99/Charms  SALE $10.49 ea

6900-16F Crimson Panel
6900-18F Black Panel
$8.90 each

6900LCF - Layer Cake
42 - 10" squares
$52.99 ea.
6900PPF - Charm Pack
42 - 5" squares
$14.99 ea.

6901-11F     yds: 6901-12F  yds: 6901-14F  yds: 6901-16F  yds:


6901-17F     yds: 6901-18F  yds: 6902-11F  yds: 6902-12F  yds:


6902-16F     yds: 6902-17F  yds: 6902-18F  yds: 6903-11F  yds:


6903-14F     yds: 6903-15F  yds: 6903-16F  yds: 6903-18F  yds:


6904-11F     yds: 6904-17F  yds: 6904-18F  yds: 6905-11F  yds:


6905-12F     yds: 6905-13F  yds: 6905-15F  yds: 6906-11F  yds:


6906-13F     yds: 6906-18F  yds:


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Calico Annie's Quilt Shop
210 Broadway
P.O. Box 661
Fullerton, NE 68638
Telephone: 308-536-2925


Calico Annie's Quilt Shop

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